MACON (Fr) Int.Dog Show - 02.09.2018  Judge: Mrs. L.Pichard (Ch)
1° Exc. Males Intermediate Class, CAC, rCACIB (valid as CACIB)
1° Exc. Females Champion Class,rCACIB

2° Exc. Females Open Class , rCAC

RAPALLO (LA SPEZIA) Int. Do Show  - 26.08.2018
1° Exc. Females Open Class - B.O.B.


LA SPEZIA NAT. DOG SHOW - 25.08.2018
1° Exc. Females Veterans CLASS - B.O.B. - JUdge Mr. Poltei Daniele
BIS Veteran - Judge: Mrs. MURARESCU MARIANA (RO)

2° B.O.G.  - Judge:Mr.Imbimbo Nicola (It)






Laveno Montello NATIONAL SHOW DOG  - 05.08.2018

1° Exc. Females  Veterans Class





Second day, saturday 16th june 2018 - Club Cani Compagnia Meeting - Giudice Mr. Lemmer torsten

1° Ex. Females Open Class, CAC, BOS
With this last CAC she becomes new ITALIAN CHAMPION!!!

1° Exc. Males Open Class


1° Exc. Females Intermediate Class
First day- 15.06.2018 - RHO (MI) INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW - Judge: Mr. ITOI KINJI (JP)


Seveso National Dog Show - 13.05.2018
Judge: Mrs. Anna Albrigo

1° Exc. Intermediate Class - CAC - BOS

1° Exc. Open Class - CAC


GROSSETO national Dog Show
29th April 2018

Judge:  Mr. POLTRI DANIELE  (Ita)

1° Exc. Females Intermediate Class - C.A.C. (valid for Italian Championship)
at her first show in adult class at only 15 months old!!!!!!!

2° Exc. Males open Class

1°Exc. Intermediate Class - rC.A.C.

MILAN International Dog Show
07th April 2018

Judge:  Mr. La Barbera Antonino (Ita)

1° Exc. Males Intermediate Class - CAC - CACIB - BOB



 International Dog Show of Reggio Emilia
 Shih-Tzu Specialty


1° Exc. Open Class, CAC , rCACIB!!!!!
2° Exc. Open Class , rCAC



( under approval)

with the last CAC at Shih-Tzu Specialty Show in Cagliari on 25.02.2018

Judge: Mr.Nuzzo Francesco Paolo


Double IDS of
Pistoia and Arezzo - 10/11 february 2018

  IDS  Arezzo
11st february
Judge:  Mrs. Sjong Kitty (DK)

1° Exc. Junior Class, Bob Junior Best Female, Best Of Breed !!!!
1° Exc.Intermediate Class , CAC, CACIB, BOS

1O Febbraio 2018

Judge:  Mr.Miodrag Vreteničić
1° Exc. Intermediate Class , RCAC, RCACIB

Perpignan (France) International Dog Show
28th January 2018

Judge:  Mr. BARENNE ROGER (Fr)

1° Exc. Males Champion Class - CACIB - BOB
A lot of thanks to my friend DELPHINE FERRIER as to have showd him!!!

Double International Dog Show of Belluno and Padova
13/14 January 2018

Judges:  Sig. Bala Karlo (SRB) - Belluno
                Sig. Mentasti Gianercole - Padova
                       Sig. Vergara Alberto - BIS Gruppo IX

1° Exc. Males Intermediate Class - CAC - CACIB - BOB - Reserve IX BOG
1° Exc. Males Intermediate Class - CAC - CACIB - BOS
1° Exc. Males Junior Class - BOB Junior


CLUB MEETING  " CLUB CANI COMPAGNIA" - Marina di Massa 06.01.2018
Judge: Mrs.Frederique Chancel (Fr)

1° Exc. Males Open Class  - rCAC

2° Exc. Females Intermediate Class - rCAC








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