From when I was born, I have always loved all the animals and specially all the dogs. 

I remember that from child I had a poodle, but when It died my mother does not have intentional to replace it with another. I have suffered so much. 

Then I did not imagine certainly that the dogs would have had an important role in my life. 

Fortunately in 1982 I know my actual husband Agostino Falcone that, known of my desire to possess a dog newly, in 1986 Christmas he carried me in a dog shop in Turin and he asked me to choose one puppy. My joy and my surprise were so unexpected that I did not succeed to choose a dog. Finally in a small cage I saw a puppy that, looking me with his great eyes, it seemed to tell me "take me and hands me to your house." 

It was a love to lacking sight! The puppy was a SHIH-TZU. Breed that I did not know and I did not even know about his existence. Dog name was YANK , later. 

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Here! It was from this moment that begins my history with this very beautiful and ancient breed. 

Yank has also been the craftsman of my wedding with Agostino. Thanks! Yank. 

But my passion for the breeding and above all for the dogs shows will be born many years later. 

In fact, after that Yank died, happened after 4 years only, 4 years before buying an other are passed to others shih-tzu. This happened for my husband job's that was subject to continuous transfers, but specially for the birth of my Fabrizio son

To having a second shih-tzu

Yanc Sui

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 we must arrive to 1993, but also this dog  died after 4 years. Its death has been terrible!!!!!. It has been invested from a car under my eyes and those of my Fabrizio son

But such misfortune has perhaps not come not at all!!!!!. 

In fact, in order to quickly eliminate the trauma from me and my son for the terrible aim of Yanc Sui, the doctor has advised my husband to replace him with another immediately. 

It is to this point that we know Mr. Mercatelli of Campomorone (Genoa - Italy). 

Very lucky meeting!!!!

He was the President of the Section 3 of the Italian Club Cani Compagnia, section that is taken care about Tibetan Dogs and therefore of the Shih-tzu

Lucky also the period since he had as soon as had a shih-tzu's litter. A Sunday we go to find him and we choose our puppy that it will come delivered us on 01/06/1998, my birthday.

 A beautiful gift that I will never forget!!! Ken had arrived!! 

With Ken it also begins my history in the dogs shows. 

In fact, in September 1998, during a local show, Mr. Mercatelli's wife, Mrs. Orietta Pini, since Ken was becoming a beautiful dog she invited me to participate in the show. It won its class. It was so that I discovered the world of the dog shows. 

I begin to inquiry itself , I read books, I ask suggestions and I try to learn to grooming the shih-tzu. 

Very useful have been the suggestions of a lot of people between which I can not remember and not to thank, besides the Mercatelli's family, Renato in Asti, the  Villa's consorts of Saronno and above all Alberto of Ravenna 

Continuous Ken meantime keeps to win and becomes Young Promised ENCI. 

It also begin to be born a true friendship with the Mercatelli's family that will be consolidated more always in the years and I hope can last all the life.  

In the 2000 year Mercatelli makes me to name secretary of the Sez. 3 of the Club Cani Compagnia, role that, after a pause of three year , I covered newly from 2005 to 2007, united to Adviser role. 

Meantime I continue the experience in the dog shows and Ken, passed in open class, continues to give me enormous satisfactions obtaining different C.A.C. and B.O.B and winning the B.I.S. in a local show. 

At this point, like happening to many people, I wish to have also a female and in 2002 year I  always buy her from the same breeder: ALLEVAMENTO DELLE FIABE.

Her pedigree name is


( For Your Eyes only)

that it will become also the name of my amatorial Kennel breeder and my web site logo's. 

After having obtained the title of "Young Promised ENCI" in only 6 international competitions, "Only" - so I familiarly call the female - won numerous CAC, CACIB, BOB and a BOG. Unfortunately a new transfer for job in the South of Italy will influence its hair and she won't succeed in ending the Italian Championship missing only the two speciality. 

But it is thanks also to this transfer that I know  Mrs. Rossana Corsini and her companion Pasquale Romanelli of the Corsini Kennel House , one of the most famous in Italy and to the foreign countries. 

Thanks to their suggestions,too, and above all to the Pasquale teachings , complete always more my experience both as handler that as breeder. A great friendship is born some also that I hope can last all the life.

Thanks Rossana, thanks Pasquale

At this point and seen the experience by now acquired in the shows as handler Mr. Mercatelli entrusts me the Only sister's, GILDA DELLE FIABE

Great female that in a few months it allows me, as handler, to win my first Italian Championship of beauty.

Thanks GILDA. 

Meantime, and in attended that GILDA can give me a daughter, Rossana and Pasquale  friends, allow me to take from their Corsini Kennel House a new female:

JOYBELL di Casa Corsini


Thanks to this female my affirmation in the world of the dog shows will be definitive. 

In fact, between 2003 and 2005 Joybell wins all wich was possible to win in Italy and in some countries:

3 to the European Championship of Bratislava in young female class ,

 Italian Champion, International, San Marino, Social Champion C.C.C. 2004 and 2005,

TOP DOG 2005, Croatian Champion, etc. 


In 2004 year, the first  GILDA's daughter finally arrives:



In a few time, between 2005 and 2006, also Amalia wins all wich was possible to win: 

Social Champion C.C.C., San Marino Young Champion , Italian Champion, International Champion, Polish Champion,Croatia Champion, etc. 

But it is with Amalia and Joybell that I will obtain the greatest satisfaction that every breeder and handler would like to have: 

- Amalia in 2005 year won the

Title of European Champion  and the BIS Young Females in Tulln (Austria)

in 2006 the open female class with CAC to the

World Championship of Poznan (Poland)

- Joybell,

after a new

third place to the European Championship of Tulln in 2005

won the title of


at the World Championship of Poznan (Poland) in 2006. 

In 2007 partecipates to CRUFTS in Birmingham (England).

Their show career has been concluded in 2007!!! 



Meantime, my experience as amatorial breeder is begun,too and the results of the first litters make me very well to hope for the future. 

One of  "Only" son's, Beltasor, to his first show in Zagreb (Croatian), at only three months and a half, besides winning his own class,  has arrived 3 in BIS Puppy

Also first Amalia and Joybell' sons have given me great satisfations as breeder:

Cavour (male on the left) and Catherine Deneuve Solo Per I Tuoi Occhi (female in middle)

(Joybell's sons)

won Baby classes at European dog show in Budapest 2008



(Amalia's son on the right)

is 3 in this Baby males class


1 Excellent - Best Young - Best male and Best Opposite sex

Crufts 2010 qualified,too!!!!!

at Milan International Dog Show 2009.

After numerous successes and other Italian titles, international, European and World
comes another great result

B.I.S.  B r a c e


at Celje (Slovenja)




PERFECT STYLE di Casa Corsini


After this another big success and other great litters,
could not get to July 2010
official recognition of
B R E E D E R    SHIH-TZU    K E N N E L

with the granting by the FCI and ENCI

Kennel name


ed essere inserita nel



Of course, since the affix was granted, my breeding activity has also increased, which has allowed me to be appreciated all over the world.
Today my dogs are numerous throughout Europe.
Numerous have become champions in their countries and today several of their descendants are helping to spread my bloodline in
France, Portugal, Switzerland, Malta, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, etc.

Here. This is my story. A story that has allowed me to have great satisfaction knows as a handler and as a breeder.

Here! This is my history. A history that, even though of only a few years, has allowed me to have huge satisfactions. 

Many thanks to Tino, Orietta, Rossana and Pasquale not only for the friendship received but above all to have given me the possibility to know this beautiful environment.

Now I hope you enjoy to visit my web site and my dogs!!!!. 



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